Dau Real Estate Auction

Dau Real Estate Auction
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Real Estate Auction!

160 Acre Center Pivot Irrigated Farm with Shouse and 5 acre lake

Location of Auction: St. Patrick's Parish Hall in Battle Creek, NE

Saturday, December 11th

Sale Starts at 10:00 A.M.

Location of Farm: 5 miles North, 2 Miles West, and 1/2 Mile South of Battle Creek

The farm will be offered in three tracts!


Tract #1 will be pasture ground, trees, the lake, and the 40x60 shouse with 960 Square feed of living area and the balance storage. This tract provides excellent hunting for deer, pheasants, quail, and turkey. The lake offers the opportunity to catch master angler bass and crappie as well as an abundance of bluegill and catfish.


Tract #2 will consist primarily of the crop land acres on the farm along with the irrigation well and Valley 9 tower center pivot irrigation system.


Tract #3 will be the combination of Tracts 1 & 2.

There will be an open house on the property Saturday, November 27th from 10:00 A.M. to 12 Noon.

Legal Description: The southeast quarter of section 10-24-3 Madison County, Nebraska

Listing Details:

Blank Agency, Inc. building in Madison, NE

Blank Agency

117 South Main Street
PO Box 548
Madison, NE 68748

(402) 454-2500
(402) 454-2600
Fax: (402) 454-2600

Email: info@blankagency.com

National Auctioneers Association

If you are considering buying or selling land or an acreage or would just like to have additional information about real estate in the area, please don't hesitate to call (402) 454-2500 or (402) 454-2600 or e-mail us at info@blankagency.com

**Information herein believed to be accurate but not warranted.**